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Sikorsky given budget of 36 million to produce Army Helicopters
Sikorsky Military Documents
Sikorsky News -
Sikorsky News - Evergreen Helicopters, Inc places largest single order Spirit
Sikorsky News - Noise Standards could create setback for US Helicopter Manufacturers
Sikorsky News - Offshore logistic Spirit
Sikorsky News - Robert Daniell becomes Exec Vice President of Sikorsky Aircraft
Sikorsky News - Sikorsky Aircraft President says 1980 is HAA best year ever
Sikorsky News - Sikorsky aircraft Spirit claim 5 world speed records
Sikorsky News - Sikorsky aircraft Spririt sales soar to 310
Sikorsky News - Sikorsky aricraft to announce study of new medium helicopter
Sikorsky News - Sikorsky President calls for federal government to recognize helicopter equality
Sikorsky News - Sikorsky President calls for new government regulations for helicopter usefullness
Sikorsky News - Sikorsky President cites lack of helicopters as crucial to development
Sikorsky News - Sikorsky President urges FAA to boost heliport development
Sikorsky News 285 S-76 Spirits have been sold
Sikorsky News about UH-60A Blackhawk deployed to war
Sikorsky News reports year of major aircraft sales
Sikorsky News Robert G.H. Carroll named Director of Public Relations
Sikorsky News S-76 Twin Turbo attributes
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